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Listed below are many different Sioux City Musketeer items including player card sets,
various pins, patches, sticks, business cards and any other available Musketeer memorabilia.

I am always looking for new and unusual Musketeers items.

Under Construction!!!

2016-17  Boy Scouts Cards

2012-13 Line-Up Cards
Sold individually on game days they featured a selected player with that night's Musketeer and opponent's roster information.
There was not any type of "complete set" as not all players were featured.




Click on all player cards for career information.

2009-10 Give-a-way Set
   This 5 card black & white set was a promotion night gift to the first 500 fans.
These were available only in black & white. No complete team set was available this season.
Sponsored by
Utterback Photography.





2008-09 Team Set 

 This 27 card set was available through the team store.
*27th card Musketeer Maniac not pictured

2007-08 Team Set 

This 27 card set was available through the team store.
Sponsored by
Applebee's Restaurant and Utterback Photography.


2006-07 Team Set 
Max Pacioretty Jerry Kuhn Dustin Gazely Eddie Olczek Dave Siciliano
Kevin Lohry Andrew Rowe Nathan Pageau Kyle Medvec James Krusik Matt Crandall Spencer Heichmen Bobby Kinsella
  Sean Coffey Blake Martin Travis Oleksuk Craig Brandenberger
 Alex Tuckerman Joe Sova Tyler Peterson Nick Curry Kevin Lohry Mike Beck Anthony Maiani Billy Danderand
   Josh Robinson Phil DeSimone Alex Stuart
This 30 card set was available only through the team store for a limited time.
This set featured Montreal Canadians 2007 First Round Draft Pick
Max Pacioretty.


2005-06 Team Set 
 Ryan Hohl Christian Minellia Justin Cseter Phil DeSimone Steven Kampher Sam Gagner Blake Martin Chris Spicer
Individual player cards were available on selected Saturday Night games. This was an eight card set.
This set featured Edmonton Oilers 2007 First Round Draft Pick
Sam Gagner.


2004-05 Team Set  
 Jeff Zatkoff Travis Turnbull Jimmy Spratt Chris Spicer Phil DeSimone PeterLenes Dennis McCauley
 Justin Bostrom Louis Liotti Kent Bostrom Tim Kennedy Nick Kemp Steven Kampfer Josh Meyers
 Adam Davis Christian Minella Joe Charlebois John Carter Chris Butler Blake Martin Brian Bales Corey Elkins
 Jon Ralph Dave Sicilano Marty Quarters Craig Brandenberger Billy Danderand
Originally, individual player cards were available through purchases from the TEC concession stands.
 Later, the complete 30 card set would be available for purchase at the team store.

     2000-01 Team Set 
           Casey Beavouis Dan Cohen Matt Fetzer Tim Judy Justin Fletcher John Zeiler Jeff Van Dyke
           Aaron Vanesky David Vychodli Brandon Schmitt Patrick Knutson Art Femenilla Brendan McCartin Ryan Geris
          Trent Mozak Brian Kerr Matt Ciancio Erik Johnston Brandon Schwartz Mitch Thorstad Brent Halverson Scott Polaski
  Zac Klann Dan Fallon Bryan Smith Brian Panik Dave Sicilano Fred Harbinson Jack Kowal
This 29-card set was available to fans only on the special Z-98 and Greenberg's game nights. This is a large sized
set measures five by six inches. This set includes the first Musketeer team card of NHL rookie (2006-07)
John Zeiler (Kings)

1999-2000 Team Set  
Steve Jones John Miller David Hale Tim Judy Dryden Henry Lucas Pavlis Chad Nordhagen Chad Dahlen
A.J. Kratofil Matt Ciancio Jeff Van Dyke Max Bull Justin Hiller Brandon Schmitt Trent Mozak Eric Helstedt
Chris Olsgard Brendon McCartin Scott Polaski Tyler Palmacino Mike Betz
This 21-card set was available to fans only on a few special game nights. This is a large sized set measures five by six inches.
This set includes the second Musketeer team card of NHL first round draft pick (2000)
David Hale (New Jersey, Calgary)

        1998-99 Team Set  
Jake Moreland Cullan Flanery David Hale Tim Judy Mark Bry Rostaslav Klesla Pat O'Leary
Chad Nordhagen Chad Dahlen A.J. Kratofil Jeff Van Dyke Morgan Roach B.J. Willis
Ruslan Fedotenko Lucas Pavlis Trent Mozak Lee Arnold Chris Olsgard Brendon McCartin
Nathan Koatana Tyler Palmacino Tim Flanhery Mike Betz Adam Wallace
This 25-card set was available to fans only on a few special game nights. This is a large sized set measures five by six inches.
             It includes the First Musketeer team cards of NHL first round draft picks (2000)
David Hale (New Jersey, Calgary & Phoenix)
Rostislav Klesla (Columbus & Phoenix).  Also included is the first card of Ruslan Fedotenko (Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, NY Islanders & Pittsburgh)

            1997-98 Team Set  
Tom Coherty Mike Scott Morgan Roach Lucas Pavlas Trent Mozak
Jeff Carlson Daryll Buttar A.J. Kratofil Jesse Uncklesbay Lee Arnold

This is the only 10 cards I have run into.  These cards are autographed but may have been
distributed without autographs.  If you have any information on this set, please drop me an e-mail.



   1987-88 Team Set

This is a standard size 26 card set. It featured player info on the back and was printed on
medium weight stock. This set features Sioux City native SYHA/High School player Rob Casper.

1974-75 Team Set
Bob Thomerson John Saville Ralph Kloiber Mike Noel Sam Nelligan Terry Mulroy Randy McDonald Pete Maxwell Dave Kartio Julian Nixon
Jim Peck Steve Heathwood Greg Gilbert Steve DesLoges Dave Davies Bogdan "Bubba" Podwysocki Steve Boyle Barry Head Alex Shibiky Jim White
This standard size 20 card set was available at the team store. Put together by them
souvenir coordinator Terry Gottburg. It featured player info on the back and was printed on heavy weight paper.
Many of this sets players would eventually become members of the Sioux City business community
and influential members of the Sioux City Youth and High School hockey programs.


Just a few Musketeer game used sticks I have picked-up along the way.  I have many more, but older sticks are one of the tougher items
to research and are very difficult to attach to a specific player unless uniquely marked.

   Ryan James        Blake Martin      Anthony Maiani    Eddie Olczyk       Kevin Lohry        B. J. Greaves     Christian Minella     Kyle Medvec

Christian Minella   Gary Housman        Unknown              Unknown           Unknown      Spencer Heichman    Brett Olson      Blake Martin

        Justin Bostrom       Justin Cester        Justin Bostrom   Anthony Maiani      Mike Beck         Caleb Herbert        Unknown             

    David Henry      Dan Molenaar     Dan Molenaar     ID This Player   Bobby Nardella  Bobby Nardella    Adam Johnson

Kyle Schmidt     Adam Johnson



  Josh Robinson     Josh Robinson      Jerry Kuhn             Jerry Kuhn           Jerry Kuhn          Jerry Kuhn          Jeff Zatkoff        

   Jimmy Spratt         Jimmy Spratt          Billy Blase        Steve Thompson       Billy Blase      Jake Hildebrand    Kyle Hayton         

Adam Janecyk    Connor Girard








Various Musketeer buttons and enamel pins. 



Musketeer Equipment Bag Tags.


2005-06                               2003-04





    2007-08 season


2008-09 Season

Various Musketeer Jersey and Souvenir patches.







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